We're committed to you
through life's transitions.


Through preparation and partnership, we at Partners for Transitions work to promote a sense of security and well-being for our clients and their families as they experience the predictable transitions of life after the age of 60. The hallmark of Partners for Transitions is the ‘partnership,' the relationship formed and forged through working together to plan for your future.


                        If you have questions,

          Partners For Transitions has programs

              with answers to meet your needs.


How can I organize my important personal, financial and legal information?     All Together

I need help understanding Medicare and Social Security options.     Boomer Transitions

What facilities might help me if I cannot live independently?       Alternative Care

How can I clarify what my medical wishes will be in the future?    Advance Health Care

Can you help my family prepare for implementation of my final wishes?      End of Life Care

How does becoming a PFT Member help me now and in the future?     Memberships

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"With knowledge, patience and compassion, Shary helps people transition through a part of life for which none of us can be fully prepared.  Her clients embark on a new chapter of their lives better prepared and confident.” 

John O’Brien, Central Coast Senior Services, Inc.

"Shary Farr and her staff are an invaluable adjunct to everyone’s estate planning process. The preparation and planning insure peace of mind for her clients and their families.”  

Thomas Hawley, Estate Planning Attorney