Planning ahead for any life transition is not only the greatest gift you can give yourself and your family, it’s also far easier than managing a life crisis or leaving others to do so.


Take it from Shary Farr. She’s been helping individuals examine their futures, face concerns and have important conversations with those they love since 1977.


If you have a group of friends, acquaintances, or a business that you think would benefit from one of Shary's talks, please complete the form below and let us know the details of your speaking engagement.

We're committed to you through life's transitions

“Shary and PFT rose above and beyond what any one person or other group had offered us.  In the three months that held

my father’s last days, they supported and gave us the strength to help him achieve what he wanted in his passing

with compassion, dignity and love.”

Cathryn Blake, Pacific Grove

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