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Partners for Transitions believes that now is the time to start life planning. As difficult as it may be to consider and discuss life's transitions, they are much easier to face knowing our affairs are in order, our desires documented, and that those we love will be helped by our thoughtful preparations.

We offer an integrated and comprehensive network of services and programs to guide you through the predictable transitions of life. Shary Farr, and her team of trained experts believe that no one should face the future alone.  We work with you over the years in a partnership that focuses on you, and your personal and practical needs. 

All Together Program

Are your affairs in order? Are you prepared for someone to "take over" in the event of your illness, disability, or death?

Partners for Transitions offers the All Together Program, a comprehensive life planning program that enables you to create order, make personal transition choices and communicate with your family and loved ones, creating a sense of security and peace of mind. This program will:

  • Assist you in centralizing and updating important information, papers and documents.

  • Assist you in making choices compatible with your personal and financial resources.

  • Help facilitate discussions with those who you have chosen to act on your behalf when needed.

  • Help you write your ‘Ethical Will’, an opportunity to share your philosophy of life, beliefs and values

  • Help you clarify your preferences for assisted living, skilled care and end-of-life arrangements

To purchase the All Together Notebook, please go to our online store. One-on-one coaching is available to assist you in completing your All Together Notebook. 

All Together

Alternative Care Program

Have you considered the need for home assistance or possible change of residence, should you no longer be able to care for yourself?

We offer an Alternate Care Program, where:

  • We assist with long-term care planning

  • We can aid in locating assistance for you in your own home

  • We maintain a list of facilities available if you are temporarily or permanently unable to enjoy independent living

  • We will help you or your family explore what is available, and locate the facility that best matches your personal needs, wishes and financial resources

  • We thoroughly check your home and personal safety, and create an Emergency Preparedness Kit

  • We aide in orchestrating your move

Through Partner for Transitions' "Pop-In Service", we can arrange visits to your home, hospital or assisted living facility to ensure your needs are being met. This service can be provided as needed, and if especially helpful is you are alone or if your family lives out of the area.

Alternative Care

End-of-Life Program

Do you need help dealing with a loved one's end-of-life?

The End-of-Life Program provides one-on-one assistance to family members and loved ones.

  • Works with Hospice.

  • Assists with mortuary arrangements.

  • Helps to implement final wishes, memorial and funeral arrangements.

  • Provides gentle assistance during a difficult time.

  • Assists family/friends to work with new responsibilities while honoring their need to grieve.


Second Growth Program

Are you dealing with the death of a loved one?

Partners for Transitions offers a Second Growth Program which provides personal and practical assistance when a loved one dies, and helps you and your family work with new responsibilities while honoring your need to grieve.

Second Growth

Advance Health Care Directive

Have you completed an Advance Health Care Directive making your medical wishes known, should you become unable to speak for yourself, and appointing someone to act on your behalf?

The Advance Health Care Directive Program provides assistance for making your medical wishes known and appointing someone to act on your behalf should you become unable to speak for yourself. Partners for Transitions also offers the option to be your personal Health Agent, or Alternative Agent, in case you should need a medical decision-maker.

  • Provides the appropriate document and works with you in choosing someone you trust to serve as your Agent/Alternate Agent.

  • Facilitates meetings with your physician, family, and friends to initiate discussion of your choices and understanding of this important document.

  • Sends copies to all designated persons.

  • Provides an annual review and update.

A Personal Health Organizer is available for purchase to centralize your personal medical information—a helpful tool for you, your family, and caregivers.

Advance Directive
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